Wednesday, July 8, 2009

No Democrat will admit they were wrong.

How can Americans admit that voting for someone with absolutely no experience at all - a former ACORN street agitator - someone who gravitated to Marxist professors and communist groups in college - someone with no record of any accomplishment at anything - and someone who ran for office on slogans - How can they ever admit that such a vote might have been a mistake?

Do you see our economy improving? Are you impressed by the astronomical debt your children will inherit? Are you looking forward to seeing your health care rationed and taxes on energy so product prices will go through the roof to pay for it all? Did you ever imagine the US government nationalizing private banks and automobile manufacturers? Or giving millions of houses to people without jobs?

Massive allowances are provided for unions at the expense of private investors, while a bunch of appointed czars, who bi-pass Congress/Senate dictate new rules (laws) from the White House.

Can you say: "We're socialist now" ?

Have you noticed Obama's weakness with North Korea's nuclear build-up? Or how quiet the White House was while Iran silenced its people with bullets? But boy, did you see how Obama instantly went on TV to support that socialist from Honduras, Jose Manuel Zelaya? A man who was ousted by Honduras Supreme Court for trying to illegally stay in power like Hugo Chavez, the dictator who trashed the US in a one-hour speech while Obama smiled & applauded.



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